About-Dot---Bobbie-Socks1I am a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist and a USEF ‘S’ licensed dressage judge, working towards my ‘S’.

In 1982 I decided to focus on Dressage after competing in Hunter Jumper and Eventing. I found Eko, an imported 5-year-old, 16.2 hand Danish Warmblood trained to Intermediare. With Eko I achieved my Bronze and Silver Medals, having personally trained him through the levels. He was even featured in Dressage Today in an article by Kathy Connelly on straightness.

I competed as an Adult Amateur until 1995 when I took Eko to Devon and competed in the Small Tour. Afterwards people approached me to teach, and I turned professional. Around the same time the L Program for judges was introduced and since I met all the requirements I decided to attend. I graduated with distinction from the first L Class.

Dot and Ecko

Dot and Eko

After a highly successful dressage career that brought us both many awards at the regional and national level, I retired Eko and allowed him to wander the property, becoming a “yard horse”. He visited the other horses in their paddocks, and at around noon each day would go back to the barn for lunch and to be put in his stall for a nap.

In 1998 I went to Holland with Kathy Connelly to find my next star. Traveling all over Holland and Germany for two weeks, I rode over 60 horses searching for that special one. I finally found Fabian (photo), a 17-hand Intermediare caliber DWB. Kathy said to me, “If you can figure out how to ride him—he is a big deal—great gaits.” And boy was he a handful!

Dot and Fabio

Dot and Fabian

By the end of our first year competing at Prix St.-George in 2000, Fabian won GMHA and the Regional Championship. I trained Fabian and competed a level a year: Intermediare I in 2001, and Intermediare II in 2002 where he was ranked 14th Horse of the Year in Intermediare II. In 2003 we competed at Grand Prix and I achieved my Gold Medal with the first two shows.

During our third showing, a horrific windstorm, and an unfortunate event with a judges’ tent landing upside down at X during our test ended Fabian’s competitive career. He just never trusted tents again.

I’ve studied extensively with Kathy Connelly, Pam Goodrich and Roel Theunissen. Additionally I’ve worked with Michael Poulin, Henk van Bergen, Karl Mikolka, Gunner Ostergard, Dottie Morkis, among others. And I rode as a demonstration rider for the New England Dressage Symposium with Ralf Isselhort as a Grand Prix level rider.

I enjoy the diversity offered to me with judging Dressage Shows and Events all along the East Coast having earned my ‘R’ in 2012. In addition to training interested boarders at Settlement Farm.

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